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Titanic Artifacts - Premier Exhibitions Inc.

Asset for sale in United States

United States
  • Appointment: Bankruptcy
  • Date Published: 16/06/17


From one of Rodgers Reidy's BTG partners, Glass Ratner Advisory & Capital Group.

We have a very exciting opportunity in the Premier Exhibitions bankruptcy case.  Premier Exhibitions is an exhibition company that also owns all the artifacts recovered from the Titanic wreck site (2 ½ miles below sea level!). 

During seven research and recovery expeditions conducted between 1987 and 2004, RMS Titanic, Inc., (RMST) recovered over 5,500 artifacts. During the summer of 2010, RMS Titanic, Inc. completed Expedition Titanic, its eighth and most ambitious mission to the wreck site of Titanic. These artifacts range from a massive 15-ton portion of the Ship's hull on display, to a delicate child's marble measuring only one-half inch in diameter. RMST maintains a comprehensive digital archive of these recovered and conserved artifacts, as well as photographic data from the site.

Potential interested parties please contact the below:

 Marshall Glade

 Managing Director - Glass Ratner 





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