Who is an Official Receiver?



The Official Receiver is a public officer the could be appointed as liquidator by the High Court for companies in compulsory winding up in Singapore.

The Official Receiver could also act as a regulator in voluntary winding up and compulsory winding up where private liquidators have been appointed.  The Official Receiver is to:

a)      take note of the private liquidator appointed to ensure that the private liquidator appointed performs the duties and duly observes all requirements under the law;

b)      take note of the concerns of the creditors and contributories, if any, regarding the conduct of the private liquidator appointed to the Official Receiver;

c)      receive the security from and issue a certificate of receipt of the same to the private liquidator appointed; and

d)      receive copy of the Statement of Affairs and the accounts of receipts and payments, and statement of position in the winding up from the private liquidator appointed as prescribed by the Companies Act.

Official Receiver could also act as a representative of defunct companies after they are either dissolved or struck off from the Registry of Companies.  Pursuant to Sections 345 to 347 of the Companies Act, the Official Receiver will administer the outstanding assets belong to the defunct companies prior to dissolution will vest in the Official Receiver under Section 346.

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