Rodgers Reidy- NRL Footy Tipping Competition

Rodgers Reidy- NRL Footy Tipping Competition

Following last year’s highly successful AFL Tipping competition, Rodgers Reidy NSW has added another tipping competition, launching the Rodgers Reidy 2021 NRL Tipping competition.

It has over 100 people registered, all competing for  weekly prizes together with great grand prizes. It is a sure fire way to start your week with some great office banter.

The big question is, who will be the NRL Tipping Competition- Will it be a Cane Toad (Queenlsander), a Cockroach (New South Welshman) or a Mexican (Victorian) or just someone with no idea? We will find out in October.

As it is still early in the season, there is still an opportunity to sign up and join in the fun. Please contact Mr Steven Jolly of the NSW office to register on

Look out for more tipping competitions in the future!