The end of JobKeeper brings a substantial downturn in your cashflow.

The end of JobKeeper brings a substantial downturn in your cashflow.

End of JobKeeper

The end of JobKeeper occurs on 28 March 2021.  Any company currently receiving JobKeeper is going to experience a substantial decrease in cash flow, relative to its number of staff.

Implications of JobKeeper ending

The implications of JobKeeper ending could range from a mild reduction in financial performance to a catastrophic shift in a company’s viability, making it unviable to continue to operate in either the short, medium or long term. This could be due to an inability to pay direct staff wages or associated entitlements, i.e. superannuation and PAYG instalments, or while these may be able to be paid other costs such as rent or the purchase of essential supplies may not.

Any company receiving JobKeeper up to its cessation needs to look carefully at its financial position and future trading projections and form a realistic view as to whether it can continue to trade profitably or, failing that, whether the owners are prepared and able to inject financial support for a short period until such profitability can be achieved.

Inability to continue after JobKeeper

If the assessment determines that it is not possible to operate profitably then alternative options need to be urgently considered. These could range from implementing one or more strategies in relation to cost reduction, revenue growth, capital injection and/or an informal or formal solvency strategy to deal with the company’s financial position.

An assessment of the pros and cons of each of these strategies, and how they may be best applied for the benefit of your company, is beyond the scope of this article. To arrange a no obligation, no cost review and discussion about your specific circumstances please telephone your local Rodgers Reidy office today.

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