Upcoming webinar: How to Lose a President in 10 Days

Upcoming webinar: How to Lose a President in 10 Days

Join us for our next webinar featuring Brent Morgan and Wayne P. Weitz, CTP who will discuss the current situation in the United States surrounding the presidential election, inauguration, impeachment, riots and others, including the effect it may have on the Australian economy and business.

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The anatomy of (de)selecting a President and what it means to Australia.

We’ve all been transfixed by US politics since November last year with the battle for The White House being fought between Donald Trump and Joe Biden coming to Australia like a TV Mini Series.

There were lawsuits soon after the elections, re-elections and plenty of rhetoric. Now we have protests in Washington DC, a second impeachment process, and a push for the current President to resign before the inauguration of the new President. How can the world’s biggest and arguably most important democracy hit the headlines for riots in its capital city over elections?

To help you understand it all, we’ve rolled out BTG Global Advisory’s own ‘political analyst’ Wayne Weitz to explain the process in this Lunch N Learn Webinar. In his day job, Wayne is a Senior Managing Director at B Riley Advisory Services in New York.

Wayne will talk about:

• Important General Concepts

• The Electoral College

• What Trump’s lawsuits were about

• Impeachment and why it is important this week

• Pardons

• Supreme Court Nominations

• The 10 days from the riots to the inauguration

• Effects on the economy

Brent Morgan of Rodgers Reidy will then look at what it all means to Australia in terms of business and the economy.