Working with Financiers & Bankers

Rodgers Reidy has a set of services for financiers and bankers as part of an insolvency or restructuring process.

Bankers and financiers are key partners for Rodgers Reidy during insolvency and restructuring processes. They can also be critical parts of a restructuring package with access to finance easing the burden for many businesses experiencing financial distress.

Banks assist our clients to recover and grow by providing:

  • flexible lending to manage cash flow and working capital requirements
  • clear and specialised support of restructuring negotiations
  • transactional accounts and other solutions for ongoing trade

We assist Banks in issues like:

Rodgers Reidy is Australia’s only truly national insolvency, forensic and reconstruction firm. We have the capability to assist you with any Corporate or Personal Insolvency issues, Restructuring advice or Forensic and Litigation support engagements.

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